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Our Frequently asked questions

How long will I take a get my house?

Immediate in case of any delay, it is almost 72 hours

What happens if my property is damaged by a guest?

Property owners can request damage deposits from guests. Deposits can help cover any potential damage that a guest might causes, providing assurance that your property will be treated respectively, if anything does go wrong, it can be reported to our team through our misconduct reporting feature

How long will my property be advertised for?

Once your ad has been approve you will be able to advertised for 1 months unless its sole of course (hoooreyy)

What can I do if I don’t get what I want?

Talk directly to our service provider

How do I pay?

We have a variety of payment method ranging from mobile money, direct payment, and bank cards .but it is important to contact an agent before payment is made

Are my personal details listed on the site?

Nope! For spam-prevention and privacy purposes, we use a virtual phone number to ensure your contact details remain secure. When you receive enquiries via SMS or phone call, we'll redirect them to your mobile number

How do I get my ad to the top of the site?

All of our ads are subject to julihome's Quality Score. This means that the better and more detailed your ad is, the higher it will stay on the ad pages

What information should I load?

To create a great ad, you should include:

  • 4 unique images
  • A compelling description
  • A complete list of property features, including the size
  • A street address
  • Floor plans, if you have them available

Once you've done this , you'll get access to an agent which will give us all the tools to load and manage your ad.

How do I get it off the website?

You're in control! You'll be able to disable and reactivate your ad at any time via your Private Ad dashboard

Can they edit my ad?

We can edit your ad anytime via our dashboard. Just keep in mind that when we edit your ad, it will be re-submitted for moderation before going live

How long will it take?

Once your ad has been submitted to moderation, if there are no edits required, it should be live within 1 business day

Will I get an invoice?

Absolutely! You'll receive your tax invoice via email

How do l know if people have looked at it?

You'll receive a weekly performance email from us, and you'll have access to all of your performance stats via your dashboard.

Is compactable with other internet browsers?

We do our best to ensure our site is compatible with the most popular browsers. However we recommend that you keep your preferred browser updated for the best performance

What size should my image be?

Recommended size: 1024px (width) x 768px (height

How do I know once payment has been received?

A confirmatory mail will be send to you with details of your payment

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